Where Talent Gets Discovered!

TalentRising.com is the preeminent Social Networking Media site for the Entertainment and Music Industry where new talent comes to be discovered. This free online web-portal serves as a platform for musicians, DJ’s, producers, actors, dancers, models and other performers to showcase their talent, gain exposure, advertise their personal brand and get noticed by industry professionals; as well as collaborate with like minded people.

Are you looking for your big break? Think you have what it takes to be the next star? Want to be famous? Here’s your chance to prove it!

Share your talent with the world. Post your work; upload your portfolio, music, video, pictures and let the world vote! Gain recognition, and become the next internet sensation before making it big!!

Become a TalentRising.com member – it’s easy and it’s FREE! Sign up to create a bio, upload your auditions, list previous entertainment or music industry experience and achievements, most celebrated works, let industry professionals know what your goals are and what you are seeking, update your status to let people know what you are currently working on, become friends with other TalentRising members – collaborate on new projects, seek feedback, and explore new ventures. This platform is the comprehensive solution for new talent that wants to get noticed and to rise to the top!

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