The power of a Rising Star and Social Media

The power of a Rising Star and Social Media: so Skrillex played an über secret set last night in NY which evolved as follows: Skrillex (with 5 Grammy nominations this year) Tweeted his followers to go to a specific clothing store (WeSC) in NY- and that’s it. There the lucky would receive a flyer (golden ticket), instructions to be picked up at random location by bus and given blindfolds to cover their eyes. Once on the bus blindfolded they were driven around NY and dropped off at an undisclosed location. Attendees included quite the eclectic mix of about a couple hundred or so of big time fans, industry big wigs, random music lovers, and even a few homeless people (yes real legit homeless people who just happen to be by the clothing store and wanted in on the commotion). Upon arrival guests entered a dark lit basement like room, once all gathered and blindfolds removed they were pleasantly greeted by laser lights and plenty of hard hitting Wubwubwub Eeeer, Wubwubwub Boooom by the one and only Skrillex! That must have been quite the epic show; and to believe it all started with a simple Tweet – Power of Music + Social Media! BOOM!!

I would live to see some pictures and video of this show if anyone has some to share!

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