Champagne and Bananas – the Best DJ Diet According to this Swedish Duo

Not ony have these two Swedes been bringing much attention to the odd combination of champagne and bananas as the party snack of choice, but they have also spent a solid amount of time on kicking out some epic bangers (aka “epic mother f*****s”). So what is it about champagne and bananas after all, and what tidbits of advice can be taken from these two party animals?

Dada Life, consisting of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom live by the Dada Creed of:

“Destroy dance music and have fun. Don’t look back in the past. Always go forward. Don’t think too much. Always follow the money. Do the Dada. The result? Big tunes, no frills.”

Quite the rules to live by, wouldn’t you say? So what is it with the whole champagne and bananas thing, you ask, or where did it start? Very simple the two explain in a recent interview, “needing energy for our shows, it has sugar, and it’s easy to eat and drink. It will make you last all night to party. It’s a life choice.” Pretty straight forward to me, right? Have you tried it?

So now that we know what keeps them going onstage; what is studio time for them like? What is their creative process? Both believe in “pushing everything to max, using your equipment to its fullest potential, pushing boundaries, and not over thinking it.” Their in-studio collaborative working process sounds rather tireless and quite dedicated, “we take turns working till the other one passes out, then the other continues on…”

Among the various successful singles and EP’s the duo has launched, they are also known for some epic remixes! So how do they approach remixing versus producing an original track? When they are working on producing one of their original tracks, Olle explains that “sometimes you have a clear idea of the music or song you want to produce [before going into the studio], and other times you have to just play around for hours.” Seems like quite the tedious and exhausting process…but in the end, the proof is in the pudding as is commonly said, and it is obviously well worth it! On the other hand, “you are restricted when doing remixes, when its original you can do whatever – which could sometimes turn out to be more difficult.”

Have you been to a Dada Life show? Share some of your fun experiences!

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