Lose Your Face to this New Single – “Language” by Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson, the 19-year old producer from North Carolina, is one rising artist that you should definitely keep your eye on! After releasing his first single “Say My Name” in 2010, his popularity has only continued to explode to new heights. Robinson has rapidly ascended the ranks of the international electronic music scene, captivating audiences with his ability to skillfully blend genres into his own unique sound that’s complex, yet catchy and classic, yet cutting edge. In September 2011, Robinson demonstrated his masterful eclecticism with the release of 11-track extended EP “Spitfire” that spanned across moods of Electro House, Dubstep, Moombahton and even Trance, and includes remixes from Knife Party, Downlink, SkisM, Kill The Noise and Mikkas.

The EP “Spitfire” was released through a partnership with Skrillex’s OWSLA project, an arrangement that grew organically out of a mutual respect for each other’s music. Continually impressed with his relentless work ethic and mastery of a crowd, Skrillex recruited Porter Robinson to his label, positioning “Spitfire” as its inaugural release.

Robinson began producing at age 12 using Sony ACID Pro emulating sounds he heard from video games; he primarily uses Lennard Digital Sylenth1, Native Instruments Massive, 3xOsc, Sytrus and several other commercial and free audio plugins. In a 2011 interview with Collective Effort Events, Robinson had this to say about his meteoric rise and prominence in the Electronic Dance Music scene: “It’s been crazy, just phenomenal…when I first put out the track [“Say my name” ] on Beatport I just figured I would get some online recognition, but I didn’t think I was going to start getting gigs out of it. That track really got things going for me!” Robinson is known for his – heavy hitting style of “aggressive energetic bass” electro and house tunes; accordong to the artist, he likes to use “long build ups and huge drops!” Robinson’s favorite musician and biggest inspiration is Wolfgang Gartner, “his productions are very detailed and musical,” he explains. Musicality is very important in making good electro music; not everything is just about making bangers!

And this is very true as it is evidenced in Robinson’s latest single “Language,” which is a bit of a change from the heavy hitting tracks in his previous work. This single is a unique blend of progressive trance builds, house drops and sweeping chord progressions with just the right amount of electro-house grind to keep audiences both swaying in euphoria and pumping their fists. In a recent interview with MTV News, Robison explained, “My goal was to make something that captured just that beauty and was still effective and playable for electro DJs – this sort of gushy, make-the-ravers-cry sort of sentimentality is so important to me.”

“Language” has received great praise by fellow DJ’s and fans alike, “I’ve been so, so pleased thus far to see that my fans aren’t just accepting it, they are embracing it,” Robinson confessed. “They are really happy to hear something musical, so it’s been a real treat.” Keep your eyes and ears out for this guy, he is a true talent to watch!

And for those of you (like myself) who will be attending the Coachella Music Festival this weekend, be sure to check out his set on Sunday (set time is 4:20-5:15pm in the Sahara Tent), it is sure to be an amazing show!

Are you going to Coachella this weekend? Who are you most excited to see?

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5 Responses to Lose Your Face to this New Single – “Language” by Porter Robinson

  1. Kevin Bell says:

    I have been really impressed with Porter over the past year and was lucky enough to see him live back in September. Very inspiring guy. Nice stuff I will definitely be checking out your website! Feel free to check out my blog as well !

    • Kevin – Yea I agree, Porter is definitely on to something! Great to see someone that young producing great tracks and showing appreciation to his fan base; and you can tell that he is really into when he performs too – which is great compared to other DJs that just sit up there and act like the would rather be any place else than playing their set lol. Thanks for commenting and checking out the site; I will be following yours as well.

  2. My Homepage says:

    good post. Ne’er knew this, thankyou for letting me know. 342616

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