The Infectious Sound of Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, two notable personalities with a single goal: to entertain as many people as possible with their deep and funky house sound. The two have exploded onto the scene with dynamic energy, paying homage to the old-school style of DJing. The duo, which has released impressive tracks of their own such as Tribeca,” “Markuzza,” and their remake of Tiesto’s “Lethal Industry,” claim they are not the type to drown fans with releases. Instead, they are a classic pair that consistently displays the authentic art of DJing each time they take the booth – connecting with the fans and giving them what they want to hear!

Their style has been described in a variety of ways, ranging from funky and tribal to hard and underground. Axwell has been quoted as saying, “If there were a Dutch version of Swedish House Mafia, it would be Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano.” Impressive accolade for these relative newcomers, who were plucked from their obscure retail jobs back in 2008. It seems their funky house sound and infectious party vibe has struck a chord with party-goers, and after gaining popularity in their home country, these best friends have now taken their electric energy worldwide!

James and Marciano are both from Amsterdam, Holland. They grew up in the same neighborhood and eventually met when James hired Marciano as in intern at a retail store he had been working at. In a recent interview with the Examiner, James recounts that initial encounter: “When I hired him we instantly became friends. Since the first day we worked together it was friendship, and every day we would talk about music and everything, just like today. That was about 13-14 years ago.” Their mutual passions for music and DJing led them to local gigs and then eventually to producing their own tracks. In May 2008 they released their first track, “Pina.” One month later, James and Marciano released the club hit “Lift U Up,” featuring Melvin Reese and Chappell. After these successful productions, James and Marciano continued with tracks such as “The Desert,” and several remixes such as Sander Kleinenberg’s “This Is Our Night” and Kaskade’s “Dynasty.” In February 2010, Sunnery and Ryan launched their very own “Amazone Project” event in the Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam.

The “Amazone” concept had begun with an event in Amsterdam and continues to be a strong force, as their “Amazone” album found its way to #1 on the iTunes dance chart. The Project, which began in 2010, was originally devised as a way to showcase their sound across a longer time set (5 hours!), and quickly morphed into a showcase of talent and music they supported. In a recent interview with BassDownload, James describes the concept: “We’re DJs, we love the art of DJing. The Amazone project is cool, we take the best tracks we like as DJs, mix it how we want, and throw our own tracks in it. It’s just all the tracks we like. From really deep to really underground.” Sounds like a fun show! James goes on to explain their set style and influence: “We are the kind of DJs who don’t like to throw tracks on people. We just bring the vibe. We like to approach it old school; DJing, the art of DJing, and how it all started. Our style shows a lot of respect to guys like Carl Cox and Erick Morillo.” And of course they are very big fans of each of the members that make up Swedish House Mafia, AN21, and Luciano.

The path has been paved for James & Marciano in 2012, as they get ready to take some of the biggest spotlights in electronic music. This year they expect to release about 3-4 big tracks, and play at some of the biggest EDM festivals around the world, such as Tomorrowland, EDC New York, EDC Las Vegas, and even a few Sensation music festivals. In an interview with the Examiner, James explains his view on the rise of EDM in the United States: “It is going to keep growing for sure. It’s just started, the first thing is always the more commercial stuff and mainstream songs, but in the last year you can see all the people – all the party people – really coming out and enjoying the music. American crowds are now coming out and studying the music, and that’s good for us. We like big-room sounds and parties. And I think the American crowd is getting ready for it more and more. In Europe it’s always been big, but I think America is going to take over.” These two certainly have been riding the ever-rising EDM wave, and staying ahead of it!

When asked to drop some advice for aspiring DJs and producers, James had this to say: “I think the most important thing, and what we did, is just do your own thing. It works for us; you never want to try to follow anyone else. It’s good to get inspiration from somebody, but you never want to copy that person because you won’t feel the same thing. You have to feel it for yourself.  And people will genuinely recognize it and believe it, you can do mash-ups and everything but just make them original and your own. That’s the main tip, if you want to become a DJ – do your own thing.” Marciano adds: “And work really, really hard – because it is not easy.” Their unique sound is certainly captivating, and their energy is contagious – they really are having fun and loving what they do…and the crowd can feel it! Make sure to put them on your radar, and go check them out if they’re playing in a city near you! And for those of you who just recently attended the fun and music-filled A.W.O.L. Boulevard event this past Memorial Day weekend at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, be sure to catch them at the upcoming A.W.O.L. Strip in Las Vegas! They’ll be headlining Friday, July 20th at Marquee Nightclub in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. For all you true EDM aficionados and party lovers, this is definitely an event you don’t want to miss!

For A.W.O.L. Strip tickets, click here.

Have you had a chance to see Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano? What music festival are you most excited about this summer? Share your experience, your feedback is always appreciated.

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By: Angelo Castañeda

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