What Is Electronic Music? And Where Did All of These Genres and Sub-Genres Come From?

The history of electronic music goes back pretty far, and along the way has developed and morphed into various forms and sub-genres. As technology advanced over the years, so did the music that it was producing. There is a deep history to all the different styles of electronic music (text books could be written about each), and it is interesting to see how it has evolved over the years. Nowadays, the term EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has caught on mainstream media channels and is being used as an umbrella term to describe all the various forms of dance music. But wouldn’t it be great to know what all the different sub-genres are, what they are called, where they came from, and what they actually sound like (with audio examples)? Moreover, be able to identify different sounds and know the difference between House, Tech-house, Trip-hop, Drum & Bass, New Wave, French, Dub, etc? The list goes on…

Well, it just so happens that through Twitter I came across a neat “Guide to Electronic Dance Music” that does just that! I encourage you to go check it out – Start off with the Tutorial as it will give you a comprehensive and comical history of electronic music. Then, click through all of the different genres on the left hand side – you will notice that each one opens up to various sub-genres, gives a brief history, and actual soundbites of each. As you will see, one can spend hours playing around with this site! Some of you dance music aficionados/snobs may try to argue certain genres or examples given – regardless,  this must have been quite a painstaking process to put together, it is pretty damn cool and an extremely comprehensive site and history tool for any dance music enthusiast!

So without further adieu, follow this link and discover –

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Dance Music” – enjoy!

Giving credit where it’s due  – the site was created by Ishkur, with some help from Digitally Imported and Tranceaddicts.

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By: Angelo Castañeda

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