Morgan Page the Triple Threat!

Morgan Page has a solid reputation for delivering insatiable pop energy to the dance floor in the form of hard-hitting, Progressive house. He’s earned high-ranking spots on iTunes’ Dance charts, Beatport’s Progressive chart, and Billboard’s Club charts; and has over 130 remixes under his belt, including tracks by Madonna, La Roux, Katy Perry, Tegan and Sara, and many more. Page released his first official full-length album in 2008 titled Elevate, in 2009 he received a Grammy nomination for his track “The Longest Road” (remixed by Deadmau5), and another Grammy nomination in 2011 for his remix of “Fantasy” by Nadia Ali. During that time, Page also completed two more albums – Believe, which came out in 2010 and In The Air – released April 2012. Having long jettisoned his status as an up-and-comer, Page now firmly joins the ranks of the most established “triple threat” DJ/producer/remixers.

Morgan Page grew up in rural Vermont, and really started to dig his heels into music production at the ripe age of 14 years old. A year later, when Page was in high school, he joined a team at a local university radio station in Burlington (University of Vermont), which served as a great introduction to electronic music, and the art of DJing. In the later part of his high school years, he interned for Plastic City – a German Deep & Tech-House label in New York. It was there, under the guidance and influence of A&R executive Rick Salzer, that Tech-House was infused into his art. He became obsessed with making music for anyone who had a passion for it.

Saving whatever money he could, Page purchased a Akai MPC2000 sampler and started to build his personal studio from the ground up. In an interview with, Page describes his path of development and what it took to rise to the top: “I knew from an early age that I was born to do music. I built a studio at 14, and thought I would be a breakout star at 21 – but it didn’t happen like that. It took time, lots of songs, and definitely some luck to be able to do music full-time. A lot of people tell you that it’s a cute hobby and that you aren’t being realistic – but you need to ignore those people and follow your passion. Ultimately your success as a musician will be determined by your hunger, your skills, and luck created by the other two factors.”

Early on, Page was influenced by The Chemical Brothers and Photek, but, as he began to develop his own style and an affinity for Tech-House, the sounds of Terry Lee Brown Jr. and The Timewriter changed his perspective and truly motivated him to make music. Page continued his college radio career at WRUV 90.1 FM and WERS 88.9 FM in Boston for about five years, hosting a weekly mix show. This was where Page continued to fine-tune his taste for dance music and skills as a DJ and producer – a solid start to an outstanding career!

Page’s sound has been described in many ways, some of his tunes are classic club bangers, some more Progressive House, and others feel more Pop-like. Page explains, “It [his sound] changes every year. But right now it’s electro-house. One thing I always aim for is big punchy drums and melodies that stick in your head. If the song doesn’t touch any emotions, it doesn’t leave the studio.” He is a true artist who has the technical skills to deliver a solid performance and leave the crowd with a memorable experience!

Currently, Page is on his In The Air tour throughout various cities in the US, Mexico and Canada – including Orlando, Chicago, Houston, New York, El Paso, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, and many more. Recently Page’s single, “Body Work” – a collaboration with Tegan and Sara, hit gold on the Canadian Pop Radio charts. Impressive is his ability to balance life on the road and produce new music while remixing and collaborating with other artists – his discipline and hard work will surely pay dividends throughout his career!

For those Rising DJs and Producers out there, Page shared a bit of advice – “Put together sets that bring together different ‘camps’ and styles, rather than just focusing on one style. Make your records talk to each other. Don’t be derivative and simply copy others. Start local.” He also added, “Opening DJs – don’t play anything really fast (135 BPM+) at 9pm. That’s annoying.”

Have you had a chance to see Morgan Page? Share your experience, how was the show? Your feedback is always appreciated. And be sure to catch him at the upcoming A.W.O.L. Sun in Cabo San Lucas – a sun and fun-filled dance music event that you don’t want to miss! Morgan Page will be headlining Friday, October 12th.

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By: Angelo Castañeda

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