Bingo Players Causing Hysteria On Dance Floors Worldwide

Something has got to be in the water over in The Netherlands.. The amount of talented DJs coming out of Holland is nothing short of impressive. Amongst them are Bingo Players – known worldwide for their hit single “Cry (Just a Little).” The duo, consisting of Paul Bäumer and Maarten Hoogstraten, formed in 2006 and have been steadily climbing the dance music charts ever since. The two Dutch Producer/DJs have built an international reputation through recording successes and extensive touring, with over thirty music festivals under their belts including Tomorrowland, Stereosonic, Creamfields, Ultra, and EDC Las Vegas.

Around 2006, long-time friends Bäumer and Hoogstraten shared a passion for music and decided to try their hands at production before making the transition to DJs. DJing allowed them to play their original tracks in front of live crowds, and in turn allowed them to learn what worked musically and what didn’t, or what needed to be changed or improved upon in their productions. It was a great way for them to receive live feedback on their tracks by the reaction of the dance floor.

Bäumer and Hoogstraten came up with the name “Bingo Players” from a friend’s online chat screen name. The guys found it funny and unique, and it stuck with them. Early on, they lit up with #1 spots on Beatport with a horde of huge tracks including “Devotion,” “Touch Me” (vs. Chocolate Puma), “Chop,” and “Disco Electrique.” In 2010, they set up their own record label, Hysteria, to release their own and the tracks of up-and-coming artists like Gregori Klosman, Ralvero, and Carl Tricks.

Hysteria was also the label that launched their explosive 2011 release of “Cry (Just A Little).” The track dominated European charts for 22 weeks and racked up over 10 million views on YouTube. In an interview with Neon Tommy last November, Hoogstraten explains how the ever-so-popular track came about –  “Well actually, we saw the Brenda Russell [‘Piano in the Dark’] video, which it was sampled from, on VH1 a while back, and we heard it and were like, ‘Oh, it’s a cool hook,’ so we sampled it and played the track on it. Then we put it on the Laidback Luke Forum and people loved it, and we never paid attention to it until a year ago, when Paul watched on YouTube and he saw that someone had put it online, and it had more than a million views. So he was like, ‘Oh, damn, it’s a really popular track on the internet right now, so we should update it to the 2011 sound.’ So that’s how it became a new track; it was really funny to see how the track took off on its own while we didn’t know.”

Both Bäumer and Hoogstraten have diverse musical tastes and influences – they don’t just listen to dance music, they also listen to pop, rock, and hip-hop. Some of their top musical influencers are Daft Punk and The Prodigy. Hoogstraten is also self-admittedly a huge 80’s fan (and personally so are we – gotta love those quirky dance tunes, right?!). The Bingo Players sound can be described as energetic and melodic, they have a few dancey tunes as well as some hard-hitting, bass-driven tracks. Either way, they definitely get the dance floor moving. Hoogstraten goes on to explain what really differentiates their music from others’, “We always try to make energetic, accessible music, not too complex. And it’s different compared to other music because we just do what we like to do, so we’re not forcing ourselves to make something very different from what other people are doing; we’re just doing whatever we do.”

When asked about the current booming popularity of dance music, and why it has finally taken over, Bäumer said, “I have no idea because it has always been so hard for dance music to really break into the U.S. and then suddenly [it took off]… maybe it had a little bit to do with David Guetta and Black Eyed Peas doing dance kind of songs and they were really big hits. It always starts with mainstream and then it goes [gestures downward with hands].” That sounds a bit ominous don’t you think? Let’s hope he’s wrong.

And for you rising DJs and Producers out there, here are some words of wisdom from the Bingo Players themselves – “Try to be original, don’t copy anyone… and make music from the heart! It sounds corny, but when you make music that you are into yourself, it works. Don’t think about it too much; just make your music from the heart! Success is 70% work and 30% talent. We believe working really hard will get you where you want to be eventually.”

Towards the end of last year, Bingo Players released “Rattle,” which owned up to its name, shaking up the Austria Singles Top 75 and Germany Singles Top 100 for nine weeks. “Rattle” has since become one of the biggest club tunes of 2012. This year continues to be very busy for the DJ duo, with new releases, remixes and running their Hysteria Label. One of their newest tracks “Out Of My Mind” is slated to release next month in October, along with more tour dates, and a performance at the upcoming A.W.O.L. (Another Way of Life) Sun in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – a unique destination music event featuring a stacked lineup of some of the world’s best DJs, set on the beautiful beaches of Cabo (think fun & sun)! Bingo Players will be headlining Saturday, October 13th. Be warned, be prepared, the Bingo Players are coming to RATTLE a venue near you!

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By: Angelo Castañeda

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