Rising Dubstep Duo – Klaypex


A rising duo to put on your radar, producers Johnny Atar and Mark Emmanuel (known as Klaypex) are gaining notoriety and fans with their hard-hitting and melodic Dubstep/Electro-house sound! Off the heels of their second album, “Ready To Go,” released in April of 2012, these childhood friends are now focusing on new music and touring their dance-inducing creations.

Klaypex (1)

Johnny and Mark have been best friends since they were 16 years old. They both emigrated to Canada and met at an after school program for new students. Johnny started playing the piano from a very young age – he didn’t have any training, but interaction with the instrument itself helped him develop his musical abilities and creativity, and he began playing guitar at age 16. Mark began playing bass at age 17, and learned to play at a very quick pace! Mark attended an Independent Music Production program that later proved to be instrumental (pun intended) in the development of his technical skills. Mastering musical instruments and going through their rock band phases helped them both gain expertise from a variety of influences.

Over the years, the two best friends played an array of instruments in many different types of bands, ranging from Alternative Space Rock, R&B, Pop, Industrial, and Soundtrack Music to Acoustic, Rap, and Orchestral/Piano compositions. Then, in the summer of 2011, they found the genre they loved most, and Klaypex was born onto the dance music scene!

Both Johnny and Mark have been quoted as finding inspiration from everyday life, music and emotions. Deadmau5 is one of the top artists they would love to work with, and both of them (just like the mau5 himself) are self-proclaimed musical gear heads – they are fascinated with production technology and the engineering side of music. Another artist they find particularly inspiring is Thom Yorke (Radiohead front man), for his ability to demonstrate that music can be different and original to the fullest extent, and that because of this, people will love you (as an artist).

We really dig their Dub-step/Electro-house sound, it isn’t melt-your-face off while two robots brawl with chainsaws Dub-step. Their beats are actually quite dancey and harmonious instead – with just the right amount of bass drops and electro riffs to make it pleasurable to the ears and feet. Be sure to check them out if they happen to be playing in a city near you!

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By: Angelo Castañeda

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