The Multi-Talented Luminaries Rebecca and Fiona


Swedish DJ and producer duo Rebecca & Fiona (Rebecca Scheja and Fiona Fitzpatrick) have been ruling the Stockholm club scene and are quickly spreading their reign across Europe and the US. Armed with badass beats and hard-dropping bass, these two talented ladies are showing they can do it all – DJ, produce, sing, write, and put on one hell of a show! Ever since the release of their first single “Luminary Ones” in 2010, their career trajectory has been nothing short of impressive – with nominations and awards for DJ of the year (2009), Best Club Hosts, and winning the 2012 Swedish Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance (for their album I Love You, Man). Moreover, they’ve been touring all over the world alongside the likes of Tiësto, Kaskade, Axwell and Steve Angello; these gifted women are a serious musical force to reckon with!

Both ladies were born with talent and seemed fated to become musical artists. Rebecca’s father, Staffan, is one of Sweden’s most prolific classical pianists and Fiona’s dad, Greg, is the king of Swedish 80′s Synthpop. Interesting fact – at age 19 Fiona took home the  gold-medal for rock climbing in the 2005 Nordic Championships and served as Vice-Chairman of the Swedish National Student Bodies. Rebecca, on the other hand, has played various leading roles in Swedish feature films since she was just a girl at age eight. Rebecca and Fiona met at a friend’s birthday party and had an instant connection—they have been playing, partying and working together ever since.

Before either of them began to DJ they both shared a love for dance music, clubs, and partying. Their love for nightlife led them to start a music blog, and eventually (in 2008), they opened a nightclub in Stockholm. Being surrounded by the dance music scene and continuing to discover new music through their blog, it wasn’t too long before they started to dabble in music production and DJing themselves. As explained in a recent interview with EDM Insider, “it [owning a nightclub] quickly developed into us DJing instead of booking other DJs for our club because we thought we could do it better. And then we ended up learning how to DJ because we were DJing all the time. After a year of that, it turned into us wanting to produce our own music.”

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Last summer (in 2012), Rebecca and Fiona released their debut full-length album I Love You, Man; featuring light and airy dance pop tracks produced by Adrian Lux and Carli (Robyn/Crookers) and fresh collaborations with Kaskade and Spank Rock. The duo is most known for the breathy, detached vocal style, on tracks such as “Dance,” and the acoustic guitar driven “If She Was Away.” However, other tracks on the album like “Golden Gate,” “Church Is On Fire” and “Sleep Alone,” have a more underground, indie and darker feel to them.

2012 was a huge year for the DJ duet, they toured all over the world with stops in France, London, Canada, Sweden and Belgium for the Tomorrowland festival, where they scored an opening set on the main stage preceding mega dance music acts (and fellow Swedes) Avicii and Alesso. In the U.S., Rebecca & Fiona have played in Las Vegas, New York, Miami, and the usual west-coast hotspots throughout California. In an interview with the LA Times, the girls explain their perception of the current American dance music scene: “It’s so different from Europe. We love the energy and respect it, but we were so startled by the EDM guys here — they’re so beefy! That’s so not sexy to me, Bro-step.” That’s pretty funny! Take note, beefy bro-steppers.


In a predominately male arena, Rebecca & Fiona have definitely been able to rise through the ranks and gain musical clout. In an interview with EDM Insider, the girls shared their sentiment on the issue: “It’s a weird system and I think it starts early because based on trends, boys start using and playing with computers before girls do. Based on that, we think that certain social norms have evolved. It is also a result of inherent social roles. It is hard for people to believe that we can be outgoing party girls, but still at the same time be creative and serious about our music. People make excuses and a lot of people don’t acknowledge it and assume that our boyfriends make our tracks. It is a struggle and we do what we can. It doesn’t matter, people can like it or not, as long as we get to play our music and have fun. But in the end, there shouldn’t be any difference in the industry in the first place.” Sounds like a pretty logical explanation. The girls added this funny tidbit: “It’s very nice to be known for what we made [their own productions], not just for who we are. Which is a good thing – because most famous DJs are really ugly, but people don’t notice because they are so star struck.”

Sounds like Rebecca and Fiona know what’s up, aren’t afraid to speak their minds, and have the talent to back it up! Check out their newest single, “Taken Over” featuring Style of Eye. And be sure to check out their website and Facebook page for news and upcoming tour dates. Rebecca and Fiona are also headlining AWOL Snow on Sunday, March 3rd in Whistler, British Columbia! Who doesn’t like beautiful snow-capped mountains, winter sports, incredible people and of course, amazing dance music?!

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By: Angelo Castañeda

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